Saturday, July 14, 2012

This Would Be Easier

Sorry about the intermittent blogging, I’ve been quite busy at work and watching Clint Eastwood movies from the 70s.  Anyway, I came up with a way to make columns/blog-posts out there on the interwebs both cooler AND easier for laymen to understand.  We should bring back the numbering of names or use of titles to make it easier to discern family dynasties in American politics.  I’ve already seen more than a few progressive bloggers and such differentiate between “Bush the Elder” and “Bush the Younger”.  Obviously coming off the two Cato’s (there’s and elder and younger one of those from the Old Roman Republic) it works quite well I think.  Personally I would like to see Mayor of Chicago Richard J Daley (he’s the guy with the Sears Tower, 68’ bloodbath in Chicago, O’Hare Airport and other stuff) become “Daley the Elder” and his son, Richard M Daley (guy from the 90s through the aughts) be “Daley the Younger”.  If there are more generations of Bushs or Daleys we can start doing the III or VI type stuff.  If we got bored we could go all out Medieval and stuff and start issuing names, for example the was a lord in the 1300’s in France named “Charles the Bad”, although it was probably assigned to him by later chroniclers and not contemporaries due to the fact he was always trying to overthrown the French Crown and a very evil man as well.  So then Bush the Younger could be “Bush the Bad” (alliteration just like his campaign slogans {“Reformer with Results” etc}!)  This might cause problems as everyone would want to be “The Great”.  Hmmm, maybe we should stick with democracy…anyway, I think this new way is easier and sounds cooler as well.       

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