Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Words!

Andrew Sullivan once had a good thread about words with no equivalent in the English language.  Personally I've always thought American political vocabulary was a bit meager, so here are my proposed words to broaden the online conversation.  Feel free to leave your own in the comments!

Contravesty: A media sensation that purports to inform the public about a controversy but makes a mockery of the issues and/or view points involved.  Coverage of people tweeting about Andrew Briebart's death is a classic example.

Disasterporn: A news story that massively overinflated the danger of a natural disaster or other event.  British media coverage of snow often turns into diasterporn.

Hackdit: A pundit who's public presence largely consists of trying to win arguments on television.  A pundit who doesn't even write columns or blog posts.

Luntzism:  The belief that by using certain words or phrases conservative politicians can make unpopular policies popular.  Created by GOP pollster Frank Luntz in the 1990's.

Newt: A charlatan of a colossal and historic scale.

Sexberal: A liberal who largely focuses on issues of gender and sexuality while ignoring things like economics, foreign policy or climate issues.

Sully: To melt down in public about a purported political disaster that fails to materialize.  Named after The Great Andrew Sullivan Freakout of 2012.

Uncle Leo: A public intellectual or pundit who ascribes legitimate political or policy differences to anti-Semitism.  Named after the character Uncle Leo from Seinfeld who attributes food he doesn't like in restaurants to the chef being anti-Semitic.

Wonkabee: A want to be wonk, a person who puts on a persona of expertise but is not in fact an expert.

Zundit: A pundit who will never leave the national spotlight or be fired no matter how wrong their predictions or poor their behavior.

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