Friday, March 15, 2013

Paul Ryan Jumps the Shark Continued

More evidence of my theory that Paul Ryan has "Jumped the Shark" emerged when that reliable mouth piece of beltway wisdom Dana Milbank wrote a column in the Washington Post that could have been written by Paul Krugman back in 2011.  Here's the money quote:
There are so many blanks in Ryan’s budget that it could be a Mad Libs exercise. But this is not a game. It’s black-box budgeting — an expression of lofty aims, with binders full of magic asterisks in lieu of specific cuts to government benefits. If this were a fitness plan, Ryan, a former personal trainer, would be telling Americans that under his revolutionary program, they could lose 50 pounds in 10 weeks without dieting or working out. 
Now of course this has been true of all of Ryan's budgets, the difference here is not so much that the new budget is "worse," it's that beltway pundits are finally starting to write about it this way.  Indeed, the Milibanks of the world were outraged when Paul Krugman described Ryan as a flimflam man way back when, and now they are actually using that word! "Tuesday’s flimflammery began when Ryan and his fellow Budget Committee members took the stage."

Again, I think this has more to do with pundits getting bored with Ryan than with any sort of moments of clarity appear in the minds of pundits about how his numbers really don't add up.  And too be sure, Milibank is criticizing Ryan, not ignoring him so I suppose Ryan could always make a comeback into the light of seriousness and BipartisanThink, stranger things have happened in Washington.  But from where I sit, it doesn't look good for him.   

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